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  • Natasha Perssico
  • Jaimie Weyhrich
  • Christina Hanlon



U.S. Constitution changed from We the People to We the Corporations, Huckabee defends Duggars, Jeb Bush: Unwed mothers, welfare recipients should be publicly shamed, Monsanto vows to aggressively sue farmers for saving seeds, More troops needed abroad…

Vleeeeeeeeep Vleep   Vleep   Vleep.


We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for a Special Message from one of the Djinn:  


Host: Can you tell us a little about what humanity needs to know about Social Justice?


A Djinn: “We have a different concept.  It’s called right livelihood.  [It means] living in right relationship, in balance, living in right order.  Humans don’t only need social justice.  Humans need to realign, reawaken, wake up to the spirit realm, to the otherworld, to consciousness, to connection, and to know and remember their place in the whole [of creation].”


Host: “Thank you for that introduction we look forward to hearing more about your insights as well as the insights from our other guests at the upcoming Fall Earth Conclave.”

Friday, October 30, 2015 to Monday, November 2, 2015